Do you ever get that feeling when everything’s going so well, and it just feels right? Like nothing will run it?’s kinda nice. I’m completely in this position now, and I think I’m more at peace with everything than ever before. Not necessarily happier, thanks to much stress due to junior year, but still.It’s pretty great, no?

So, that date..Sunday was insanely terrific. We met at the plaza, which made me so nervous I was shaking. But never mind that. We had to speed off to his cheer, practice, which he was late for due to unexpected tardiness of my ride. (Lesson learned there) I just kinda sat and watched them for about an hour. Let me tell you, they are good. I’d kill myself trying to do even a couple of the things they did. Flips and jumps and lifts everywhere you looked! He left early because ‘his sister needed the car.’ We went to his house. And chilled. Snuggled up, watched a movie, shared some dinner (which his sister so kindly brought). It was a terrific first date, I’d say..and I got my first kiss. Exciting? MORE THAN YOU KNOW. This one could be a keeper. We’ll see where it goes. 🙂

We’re planning for another soon. More details to come.

Ciao 🙂


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  1. This is so sweet! ❤

  2. Friend, I hope things are going ok for you. I don’t know when I’ll next hear from you, but I’m sending you lots of love and even more fervent prayers. I love you so much, Dreamer!


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