A Bit Scattered

Wow, it’s been like a week since I posted. But it completely flew by!

Show choir season is almost over, and if it wasn’t for contest music…I’d be so sad. Performing always just helps me vent, and puts me in a great mood. But, I think I’ll start exercising thanks to my psych class..endorphins and such. And, it’s really nerdy, but I got the contest songs I wanted! SO happy!!!! Defs have my next-to-last competition tomorrow, and I’m SO pumped. I have a few good, new friends coming up to watch and hang out. And we get to see our frenemy school! Yayy frenemies! šŸ˜€ but I love them, they love us. Healthy competition, yes? Yes.

Although, I feel as though I should get through tonight before I do anything. (You see, I am in Student Council. Third term as class president, body president next year!) I was in charge of our Courtwarming/Matwarming dance, and it is tonight. Yes, folks, TONIGHT. *cue screams of small children and lightning flashes* …maybe not so dramatic, but I’m really scared about the turn-out. Homecoming, while well-decorated, was a disaster; we’ll see.

Oh. And..I have a date on Sunday. Working out details of how I’m getting there. We’ll see. But I’m so excited. Out at the plaza. Great guy. I’m feelin’ good. Maybe a Valentine for me? (Well…he already asked me, but I’mma ask him!) šŸ™‚ *knock on wood*

And then there’s school..with all of these flipping snow days we’ve had I’m not quite sure I’m still grasping the concept of what it is again! It’s kind of crazy. National Honor Society induction coming up, Prom to plan, choir contest (YESSSSSSS!), classes are pretty boring. Not a lot to report. Still SO sick of this small town and the people here. Buttt..only a year and four months!

And now, I get ready so I can look sexy tonight. šŸ˜€



One response to “A Bit Scattered

  1. All sounds wonderful! Very excited to hear how things have gone this weekend!
    And of course, I knocked on wood for ya.

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