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Do you ever get that feeling when everything’s going so well, and it just feels right? Like nothing will run it?’s kinda nice. I’m completely in this position now, and I think I’m more at peace with everything than ever before. Not necessarily happier, thanks to much stress due to junior year, but still.It’s pretty great, no?

So, that date..Sunday was insanely terrific. We met at the plaza, which made me so nervous I was shaking. But never mind that. We had to speed off to his cheer, practice, which he was late for due to unexpected tardiness of my ride. (Lesson learned there) I just kinda sat and watched them for about an hour. Let me tell you, they are good. I’d kill myself trying to do even a couple of the things they did. Flips and jumps and lifts everywhere you looked! He left early because ‘his sister needed the car.’ We went to his house. And chilled. Snuggled up, watched a movie, shared some dinner (which his sister so kindly brought). It was a terrific first date, I’d say..and I got my first kiss. Exciting? MORE THAN YOU KNOW. This one could be a keeper. We’ll see where it goes. 🙂

We’re planning for another soon. More details to come.

Ciao 🙂


A Bit Scattered

Wow, it’s been like a week since I posted. But it completely flew by!

Show choir season is almost over, and if it wasn’t for contest music…I’d be so sad. Performing always just helps me vent, and puts me in a great mood. But, I think I’ll start exercising thanks to my psych class..endorphins and such. And, it’s really nerdy, but I got the contest songs I wanted! SO happy!!!! Defs have my next-to-last competition tomorrow, and I’m SO pumped. I have a few good, new friends coming up to watch and hang out. And we get to see our frenemy school! Yayy frenemies! 😀 but I love them, they love us. Healthy competition, yes? Yes.

Although, I feel as though I should get through tonight before I do anything. (You see, I am in Student Council. Third term as class president, body president next year!) I was in charge of our Courtwarming/Matwarming dance, and it is tonight. Yes, folks, TONIGHT. *cue screams of small children and lightning flashes* …maybe not so dramatic, but I’m really scared about the turn-out. Homecoming, while well-decorated, was a disaster; we’ll see.

Oh. And..I have a date on Sunday. Working out details of how I’m getting there. We’ll see. But I’m so excited. Out at the plaza. Great guy. I’m feelin’ good. Maybe a Valentine for me? (Well…he already asked me, but I’mma ask him!) 🙂 *knock on wood*

And then there’s school..with all of these flipping snow days we’ve had I’m not quite sure I’m still grasping the concept of what it is again! It’s kind of crazy. National Honor Society induction coming up, Prom to plan, choir contest (YESSSSSSS!), classes are pretty boring. Not a lot to report. Still SO sick of this small town and the people here. Buttt..only a year and four months!

And now, I get ready so I can look sexy tonight. 😀


Last Time

Day 24 — The person that gave you your favorite memory

My favorite memory…that’s a bit difficult! I think that’d probably have to be Amity. She truly gets me, and the stuff I’m struggling with. We’d do anything for one another. Last year, as previously mentioned, we went toSan Diego with show choir and we went to the zoo for a day. We went with four of the other sophomores, but it was mostly just us….because we walk fast! That day in general was just a great memory. Being able to just talk with her, hang, and spend time together. It was great bonding for two very busy best friends, and I’ll always cherish that.

Day 25 — The person you know that is going through the worst of times

MissTasty is going through some rough times. But she’s still trucking through, acting like she is queen of the world. I admire her so much.

Day 26 — The last person you made a pinky promise to

Oh goodness..honestly, I don’t remember! Possibly one of my little cousins. 🙂

Day 27 — The friendliest person you knew for only one day

Hmm..well, I’m not quite sure about one day. Does three count? That’d def be GrahamCracker. At All State Choir, she was by far the friendliest person. Inviting people to her district’s hall parties, shenannigans, and even reunions! She was fantastic.

Day 28 — Someone that changed your life

Again, at All State Choir. Dr Snow was our director, and she was…fantastic, to say the very least. I believe that music changes people’s lives. Especially the shared experience of creating it. And boy, did we ever! I’ll explain in a later post, though.

Day 29 — The person that you want tell everything to, but too afraid to

FrenchChef is easily someone that I trust above many others. But I am somewhat afraid to tell him certain things. Just because I don’t want to burden him during his senior year, and he shouldn’t have to worry about me. And…that’s the basics of it!

Day 30 — Your reflection in the mirror

It’s a work in progress..but I’m finding more and more things I can stop picking at. Personally, I want whiter teeth and clearer skin. And I’m working for it! I feel that I’m making some good progress, but the battle is not over yet. I’m learning to…well, love myself. Corny, but true. It’s kind of nice being able to look in the mirror and look past imperfections. I also see a boy searching for who he is, and where he belongs in life. I feel I’ll find it soon enough, but I’m quite anxious!

Anyway. That’s all I have to say for now.