Several Lost Days

A Deceased person you wish you could talk to.

My cousin, TheWarrior was truly one of the most amazing people I’ve ever known. She died from a motor vehicle wreck three years ago now, and I miss her. We tended to talk about…just lots of stuff. What was happening in life. Food. Our views. Religion. The afterlife. She was a Pastor’s Kid, and I’m somewhat religious…so we had some really good convos. She was one of those people you go to for anything you can think of. Problems, advice, a ride, a fun night out. Miss her.

The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain.

There are quite a few kids from school who have often given me weeks of grief over who I am and what I do. Music and theatre are not manly things, in their eyes. And I tend to hang around girls more. So, to you five, I hope that someday you realize the world doesn’t revolve around you. I’m pretty sure these will be your bestyears, so don’t get too comfortable feeling like the big dogs. Because you’re not. You’re a bunch of small town hicks. Deal with it.

Someone you wish could forgive you.

Right now..I’m not sure there’s actually anyone upset with me! I try to resolve problems with people as soon as I can. I dislike conflict vehemently.

Someone you’ve drifted away from.

A really good friend of mine that I grew up with since…well, kindergarten was kind of severed from my life this year. We have but show choir together, and are both busy otherwise, so we never really see each other. But, that’s kind of changing now that we have lunch together. It’s nice to have TheDancingQueen back in my life.

And then there’s MissHolly. We were inseparable for nearly two years. We may as well have been joined at the hip. We got to liking each other, which took a turn for the worst once I began feeling a little cornered. I know she never meant to, but I just felt a little lost. I didn’t really ever talk to anyone but her. And I severed most ties with other friends. So, we stopped talking for a while. I feel like we’re back on track now, and she’s with a good friend of mine. But I’d like to apologize again, and hope we can continue to move toward a better friendship.

That’s all I’ve got..



4 responses to “Several Lost Days

  1. Out of sight out of mind isn’t rly your style is it?
    Wish I was more like that too…

    • Oh sorry, that kinda came out of the blue xD
      It just seems like you are very conscious of the people in your life. Which intrigues me, cuz I easily forget about people. :$

  2. No, you’re fine!
    I just try to be conscious of the people around me. Life’s great, but to me it’s not much if I’m not truly connecting with others.

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