Day 6

A Stranger.

I’ll go with a guy from the day I went shopping with Kay and RaeOfSunshine. I was at Forever 21, and bought this really awesome vest. Super happy. But, I got to the register, and there was this really unchill dude standing there. I swear, the boy looked high or something. But, as we went through the checkout process, he was exceedingly rude and unfriendly in his tone, disposition, and mannerisms. I accidentally gave him the wrong change, and I thought he was gonna go ape on me.I hurriedly left as he grudgingly called up the next person.

And I proceeded to think about last school year, when I was in DECA. I thought about the training, role plays, and eventually District competition we had to learn to be good salespeople and businesspeople.

For some reason, this rude, unhappy, stoned out man caught my attention. Will I be like that in a few years because of who I am, and the way that I am? I should hope to goodness not. In fact, I’d love to go back to that happy, go-lucky, no troubles state I allowed myself to be in for the better part of the previous fifteen years of my life. At the moment…not quite feasible. But, darn it, I am determined! And when I get an idea, I go with it.

So…that’s the path this stranger led me to. And now I must warm my voice up for choir rehearsals and such.

Ciao. 🙂


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