Days 4 and 5

So, it’s a bit busy with school starting back up whatnot, so my posts may be jumbled together.

My Sibling

I have one older college. Let’s just call him Bruhthaa Man. He’s pretty cool. Very athletic guy, a total dweeb, highly intelligent. Wants to go into PT and such. Big dreams. Around family, he’s not quite so talkative. We’re not that close. We’ll do occasional things…but nothing like just because we missed each other or anything. Is that bad? I don’t know..we’re just not too alike. And just don’t really connect. You know?


My dreams.

I want to be on Broadway. Musicals, preferably. But I’ll take whatev. I love performing. Music and theatre are my passions and my life. I absolutely love them. Nothing on earth makes me happier at this point. I really want to be in the company of Wicked someday. And to be Gabe in Next to Normal. And be in a Jason Robert Brown show…like The Last Five Years. I want to find love. And love with all of my heart for the rest of my life. That kind of love. Which is rare, and hard for someone like me, especially, to find. But I am determined, and convinced. I will get this.


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