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Whoo, I’m Not Doing So Great!

Wow. I’m not keeping up well AT all. But I WILL finish!

Day 19 – Someone that pesters your mind—good or bad

Hmm. This kid I’m talking to. I’m not quite sure what’s going on. Sometimes TheSalesman is really sweet and cool. Other times he’s just really short and kinda rude. I’m frustrated and don’t know what to think. And usually I can handle this stuff. I’m kinda getting stressed from this, which hasn’t happened before. Yes, there’s been sadness once. But no stress or big worries. I just don’t know.

Day 20 – The one that broke your heart the hardest.

To be honest, my heart really hasn’t been broken yet, per say. A little bruised. But, I’m not too big on handing it out. I’m not quite trusting, after all.

Day 21 — Someone you judged by their first impression

Hmm. Well, honestly, I try not to judge people by first impressions. I try to get to know them, and then form an opinion. I mean, I’m sure I still do, a little more unconsciously about little things. But..idk.

Day 22 — Someone you want to give a second chance to

To be honest, there’s not really anyone who needs a second chance. I’m happy with the people in my life. If someone else was supposed to be in it, they wouldn’t need a second chance. That’s just my opinion.

Day 23 — The last person you kissed

This may make me sound really lame…but I’ve never kissed anyone. I’m saving it for the right person. I want to make sure I don’t just give it away to someone who doesn’t really care, so I’m kind of cautious physically when it comes to who I date. It may not make sense, or make me sound like a prude or something. But I really don’t care. I wouldn’t want it any other way, and I’m happy with my choice.



Catching Up! Not Giving Up

This is probably dumb. But I am determined not to give up! I WILL finish this!

The person you miss the most.

I’d probably say I miss Kay the most. She’s been a terrific, terrific person for me to be around, and friend. This girl has been here for me in my roughest times, and I’m here for her as well. I love and trust her more than almost anyone else I know! She’s down at college most of the time, and with her fam and other friends. It’s a huge treat when I do get to see her, and we talk about everything that’s been going on. She is one of the strongest, most determined, loving, caring, and passionate people I know. She’s bend over backwards for probably anyone. And this girl has done so many great things, and will continue to do so! Love you. 🙂

Someone that’s not in your state/country

ThatBatch. She is only one state over, but still out of state. Literally one of the most insane, bitchy people I’ve ever met. I love her SO much, though. We also met through theatre this summer, and instantly clicked. We used to text like 24/7, butttt we’re just busy now. So, communication’s a little strained. But we talk when we can. You know how it goes. 😉

Someone from your childhood

Let’s go with…Nick. Nick won’t be mentioned in the blog again, so I don’t really care. This kid was my best friend all through school. Up until Middle School, that is. That’s when all the guys in my class started getting weird with me, and stopped talking to me. So, we don’t really talk anymore. But we used to have lots of nights over watching Pokemon, eating junk food, and staying up until 10, which was late in those years. I almost miss it…if he wasn’t such a jerk now. 😛

The person that you wish you could be

I want to be that person who always stands up for what’s right. For what I believe in. Someone who isn’t ever afraid to help others, or pay it forward. I want to die knowing that I contributed to others in my life. Cliche, but true. One of the most meaningful things in life is pouring into others, and letting them pour into you. Whether it be knowledge, life experience, wisdom, memories, etc. It’s so important. I’d also love to be able to be a big stage star living in New York. The one that everyone enjoys working with so much, and is so funny and pleasant. Just call me Kristin Chenoweth. Haha, kidding. I’m kinda full of life cliches, but hey. It’s my life. And I only get one shot at this, so why not make it count?


Several Lost Days

A Deceased person you wish you could talk to.

My cousin, TheWarrior was truly one of the most amazing people I’ve ever known. She died from a motor vehicle wreck three years ago now, and I miss her. We tended to talk about…just lots of stuff. What was happening in life. Food. Our views. Religion. The afterlife. She was a Pastor’s Kid, and I’m somewhat religious…so we had some really good convos. She was one of those people you go to for anything you can think of. Problems, advice, a ride, a fun night out. Miss her.

The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain.

There are quite a few kids from school who have often given me weeks of grief over who I am and what I do. Music and theatre are not manly things, in their eyes. And I tend to hang around girls more. So, to you five, I hope that someday you realize the world doesn’t revolve around you. I’m pretty sure these will be your bestyears, so don’t get too comfortable feeling like the big dogs. Because you’re not. You’re a bunch of small town hicks. Deal with it.

Someone you wish could forgive you.

Right now..I’m not sure there’s actually anyone upset with me! I try to resolve problems with people as soon as I can. I dislike conflict vehemently.

Someone you’ve drifted away from.

A really good friend of mine that I grew up with since…well, kindergarten was kind of severed from my life this year. We have but show choir together, and are both busy otherwise, so we never really see each other. But, that’s kind of changing now that we have lunch together. It’s nice to have TheDancingQueen back in my life.

And then there’s MissHolly. We were inseparable for nearly two years. We may as well have been joined at the hip. We got to liking each other, which took a turn for the worst once I began feeling a little cornered. I know she never meant to, but I just felt a little lost. I didn’t really ever talk to anyone but her. And I severed most ties with other friends. So, we stopped talking for a while. I feel like we’re back on track now, and she’s with a good friend of mine. But I’d like to apologize again, and hope we can continue to move toward a better friendship.

That’s all I’ve got..


Day 10

Someone You Don’t Talk to As Much As You Like

Hmm..let’s go with my friend TheLittleMermaid and Cinderella. We did this theatre camp/program together over the summer, and got pretty close. Sadly, they live in the next state over, around an hour away, and that’s too far to drive for my parents’ liking.

Cinderella was just a great friend that I took to instantly, and vice versa. There are always people you say that about, but we really just clicked. She’s possibly one of the sweetest, most down-to-earth, talented people I’ve been able to meet. I miss her tons.

TheLittleMermaid is just another crazy friend. She and I have ALL kinds of fun when we talk, and she knows what’s going on in my life. She’s also super talented, hilarious, sweet, and ditsy. I absolutely love her, and miss her more than I can express.

I’m a bit tired this eve after a long snow day of nothingness, so I’ll leave it at this for now.


Day 9

So, I have no fave internet friend to date. Sooo, on to who I’d like to meet!

I’d be absolutely thrilled to meet several people. Kristen Chenoweth, Diane Sawyer, and Idina Menzel are my top picks. They are each so devoted to their craft, and so passionate. They are truly masters of what they do, and are heroines of their own earning. I discovered Kristin and Idina through Wicked, and later found them in RENT; GLEE; and You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. And I have grown up watching Diane Sawyer on ABC News for as long as I can remember. I recently watched the Oprah’s Master Class special on her, and she is a trooper. She’s done so many things, and has done them all happily and well. I look up to Diane for her passion and drive; and Kristin and Idina for their contribution to the arts. They’ve done such wonderful work that’s impacted society in fantastic ways, and I admire them so much for their diligence.

That’s all for today.


Day 7

Your ex/love/crush.

Well..this is a sticky topic. You see, FrenchChef and I kinda rushed into things. I’d like to say it’s a mutual thing, but I’m not sure I believe that. FC says it is his fault…I just don’t know. We’re all right now. We talk on a nearly-weekly basis, which is probably good for me. He understand everything. And doesn’t seem to care it took me forever to get through/over that. Which I’m still not sure I am. But, I’ll always love FC as a friend. He’s been a safe haven for me in so many ways, and I am eternally grateful.

But, on the topic of a crush…let’s just say there’s someone in the running. We both like each other. A lot. And it’s a little fast, but in a very relaxed, natural way. We’ll see what happens and if they make it to the blog. I don’t want to jinx anything. *knock on wood*

But that’s all I really have to say about this. And I guess I kinda just gave my predicament away with all the “he’s.” Hahaha. I don’t really mind. But. I’d like to clarify that this doesn’t mean I go after every “he” out there. I have mannnny straight friends. And I just don’t have feelings for them. And wouldn’t be able to bring myself to. K? K.

Ciao for now.

Day 6

A Stranger.

I’ll go with a guy from the day I went shopping with Kay and RaeOfSunshine. I was at Forever 21, and bought this really awesome vest. Super happy. But, I got to the register, and there was this really unchill dude standing there. I swear, the boy looked high or something. But, as we went through the checkout process, he was exceedingly rude and unfriendly in his tone, disposition, and mannerisms. I accidentally gave him the wrong change, and I thought he was gonna go ape on me.I hurriedly left as he grudgingly called up the next person.

And I proceeded to think about last school year, when I was in DECA. I thought about the training, role plays, and eventually District competition we had to learn to be good salespeople and businesspeople.

For some reason, this rude, unhappy, stoned out man caught my attention. Will I be like that in a few years because of who I am, and the way that I am? I should hope to goodness not. In fact, I’d love to go back to that happy, go-lucky, no troubles state I allowed myself to be in for the better part of the previous fifteen years of my life. At the moment…not quite feasible. But, darn it, I am determined! And when I get an idea, I go with it.

So…that’s the path this stranger led me to. And now I must warm my voice up for choir rehearsals and such.

Ciao. 🙂