a new year

So, before I get started on what I intro’d yesterday, I thought I’d do one of those really cliche New Years’ posts. Just as a kind of…preface, I guess you’d say, as to what led me to the blogworld.

This year was…interesting. One filled with wonderful happenings, as well as many regrets.

My show choir went to San Diego back in April, and that was a fantastic trip. One of the best ever. It was a great time bonding with friends, and making better friends with others. With the competition, shopping, the zoo, and the nights in the hotel with the guys…it was fantastic.

Went to my first prom, which was admittedly lame..but I still had a great time with friends!

I also was ‘cast’ in a performing group with a local theatre that did a medley-type thing of songs and dances from all of the musicals that were there this summer. Dreamgirls, The Producers, Rain (the Beatles), Little House On the Prairie the Musical, and Beauty and the Beast..I made great friends with most of the other nineteen kids.And I have a feeling that those relationships will last. Music, and performing in general, brings people together in a way that hardly anything does.

Also had…well, my share of relationship trouble. Back in March, The RisingStar and I broke up. She and I are still good friends, and will even be going to All-State choir together this coming month, but it was difficult. As is any break-up. And once I was finally over that, for the most part, I began to like the FrenchChef..who is one person I trust more than almost anyone. We started talking once I found out FC liked me, as well..and even dated. For a very short time. Apparently, FC has commitment issues. So, we called it off. That was one of the hardest things I’ve been through…because I really cared about FC. And vice-versa, but FC seems to have had less difficulty, although I’m not sure. Then I met A PoliticalScoop. We talked…nothing serious, because PS stopped talking to me altogether after a few weeks. Occasionally, I’ll get a text. Like recently, complimenting some videos I posted on YouTube of me singing. After that, I began talking to the OperaticStranger, who I really ended up liking more than expected. And it felt so…right. But the distance scared OS, so after three weeks (a regular occurrence here) we stopped, and sadly haven’t talked since; because we really were hoping to be good friends. But this is my cross to bear, as the struggle with mis padres. That’s well…a whole other post.

But here’s to many more entries, no regrets, and living your best life!

Happiest and safest of New Years to any of you reading!



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